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All Classes - Beginner

The label "beginner" encompasses a wide range of skill levels within the realm of skateboarding. It can refer to a student who is just starting to learn how to step onto a skateboard, as well as to someone who is in the process of honing their skills with fundamental tricks like pop shove-its, ollies, frontside grinds, blunts, tail stalls, riding fakie, and various flat ground maneuvers.

01 Kinder Grom

Ages 5-6

In this class, we're all about two things: HAVING FUN and getting cozy with our skateboards. 🎉 Get ready to roll, wiggle, and giggle your way through Kinder Groms. By the end of this class, you'll be gliding on your skateboard like a true skate ninja! Our Kinder Groms maybe our smallest students, but they get just as much action in this fun packed class.

02 Elementary Grom

Ages 7-8

Our Elementary Groms class is all about combining skateboarding and good times. In this rad class, we'll cover all the essential skills you need to ride like a pro: rolling, vert (that's going up and down ramps like a boss), tricks that'll blow your friends' minds, and, of course, adding that extra touch of steeze to your moves. 🤙

03 Junior Grom

Ages 9-12

Our Junior Groms class is all about the thrill of skateboarding, making new friends, and embracing your inner weirdo in the best way possible! 🤪 We're here to get you super comfy on your skateboard and help you master some seriously cool tricks. From the basics of cruising the ramps with confidence to landing some technical moves like rock n rolls, ollies, and even the legendary shove its – we've got it all covered! 🙌 But here's the secret sauce: Junior Groms isn't just about skating; it's about building a tight-knit community of awesome weirdos who share your love for all things skate. 🤘

04 Senior Grom

Ages 13-17

High school? It can be a wild ride, but guess what? We've got the secret sauce for making it awesome... and in steps your skateboarding squad. 🤙

Our Senior Groms gets our older students ready to conquer the skateboarding world, whether you're tearing it up at the local skatepark or cruising the streets with your crew. 

We're here to help you forge incredible bonds within the skateboarding community and nail some awe inspiring tricks.

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