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Founder and Owner

Rudie Aguiar

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Rudie, a seasoned skateboarder with an impressive 26 years of experience under his belt. Born in Tijuana, Mexico Rudie's early years were filled with more opportunities for trouble than for success. As a teenager, when Rudie first set foot on a skateboard, he discovered a powerful escape from the perils that surrounded him, embracing a positive and exhilarating new lifestyle.

Skateboarding swiftly became more than just a hobby for Rudie; it became a passion. Even as he transitioned from Tijuana to Victorville, California, less than a year later, the one constant that provided him peace and a sense of belonging was the skateboard beneath his feet.

Rudie's all about spreading the love for skateboarding. His mission? To welcome skaters of all ages to the opportunity to experience that same feeling he discovered on his journey. His story is living proof of how skating can change lives, and as an instructor, he's on a mission to ignite that same fire in everyone he meets, leaving a lasting mark on the skate scene and our community.

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