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We ask that parent's contribute what they can, if at all, in order for the scholarship funds to reach as many student's as possible. 

How many months would you need financial assistance?

At Pocatello Boarding School (PBS) we want to give back to our community and break ties with the stigma associated with skateboarders. We will schedule planned opportunities for our students to give back to the community. Examples could include serving food at a local food bank or raking leaves for the elderly. These will not be mandatory and will never exceed 2 hours. Please indicate if you would be willing to do something like this with your student. 

Due to the influx of students requesting scholarships, we ask that all of our scholarship students are committed to their lessons. We reserve the right to revoke scholarship privileges if students continually miss sessions. 

We ask that you keep the scholarship pricing confidential. You are free to share that we have a scholarship program with others, but the amount is based on need. With that in mind we ask if you do receive a scholarship to keep the amount private.

Thanks for submitting your response! Someone will reach out in 1-2 business days!

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