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Whats up people? We are glad you're here! 

Welcome to our little corner of the internet! We're super stoked you stumbled upon our site.


So, who are we? We're Amelia + Rudie, the dynamic duo behind Pocatello Boarding School.


Our journey? Oh, it's been a wild ride! What started as just one session at the skatepark advertised through Facebook marketplace quickly snowballed, quite literally, into something bigger – as the snow rolled in we found a space to move indoors and cultivate this awesome new business venture. We're absolutely thrilled about what we get to do. Let your kiddo hop into our Skateboarding 101 session to see if it clicks for them, and witness them light up! Seeing our students fall in love with skateboarding is hands down the best part of what we do!

At our skateboarding school, we're not just about skateboarding (although its obviously a large part), but we're also all about giving the kids a safe place to depend on weekly. A place that they can come and be built up and encouraged to keep doing their best, in the skate classroom and in life in general. We like to teach with patience, love, and uh, more patience. As Little Wayne once put it, "repetition is the father of learning" and we're here for it! 

Life's too short to waste, right? In 2020 our brother passed away and we realized it was time we start making major moves with the life we have. That's exactly what we're doing here at Pocatello Boarding School!

So, whether you've skated for some time or are just starting out, we're thrilled to have you here on this journey with us. 

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