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What's up people? We're so glad you're here. Allow us to introduce ourselves; we are the heart and soul behind Pocatello Boarding School. We are Rudie and Amelia, a passionate husband-and-wife team with a story that's rooted in some serious perseverance and passion.

In 2020, our world was rocked when we tragically lost our brother. It was an event that could have easily shattered our spirits, but instead, we pushed to let it ignited a fire within us. This profound loss became a platform for growth, sparking new dreams in us and the courage to seize opportunities that challenged us to embrace life to its fullest. 

In 2022, during a trip to Denver, Colorado, there was new life breathed into our beings. From the vibrant RENO Graffiti Art District to the awe-inspiring layout of the Denver Skatepark, we felt a renewed sense of excitement and purpose for life back in Pocatello as we knew it. The trip served as a reminder that self-expression, creativity, and community are powerful forces that can ignite the human spirit.


Inspired and invigorated by our experiences, we returned to our charming Pocatello, Idaho, with a desire to infuse our community with the same energy we encountered during our travels. What started as a simple flyer on Facebook Marketplace and just one amazing and eager student at Ross Park Skatepark soon blossomed into something extraordinary – the birth of Pocatello Boarding School.

Our journey with Pocatello Boarding School is a testament to the unstoppable spirit within all of us and the joy of chasing our passions with boundless dedication. It's a reminder that life's spills and thrills can lead to incredible purpose and meaning, and this is an evident belief of ours that bleeds into our "classroom".

Thank you for joining us on this incredible adventure. Together, we're on a mission to inspire, create, and thrive, making a lasting impact on the young peeps in our community. Our goal is to grow a skateboarding community filled with love and camaraderie that will redefine the scene in this town like never before. Thank you for being a part of this exciting ride! 

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